Headshot of James Plagge
Jim Plagge
President and CEO
Headshot of Dustin Caldwell
Dustin Caldwell
IT Director
Headshot of Brian Carolan
Brian Carolan
Regional President
Headshot of Karla Crocker
Karla Crocker
Headshot of Rich Davitt
Rich Davitt
Chief Credit Officer
Headshot of James Feudner
James Feudner
Regional President
Headshot of Josh Fleming
Josh Fleming
Marketing Director
Angie Frerk
Community Bank President
Headshot of Bob Gagne
Bob Gagne
Chief Lending Officer
Headshot of Scott Hansen
Scott Hansen
Internal Audit Director
Headshot of Ryan Huinker
Ryan Huinker
Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson
Compliance and Risk Director
Headshot of Chad Leighty
Chad Leighty
Community Bank President
Trisha Menke
Retail Banking Director
Headshot of John Rathjen
John Rathjen
Regional President
Headshot of John Sarvis
Jon Sarvis
Chief Banking Officer
Todd Smith
Mortgage Director
Headshot Gilbert Thomas
Gilbert Thomas
Regional President
Headshot of Kate Wolfe
Kate Wolfe
Chief Operations Officer