Small Business Support in Iowa: Bank Iowa and The Iowa Center

November 30, 2023

Bank Iowa and The Iowa Center Support Small Business

Iowa thrives on small business. So, how do these businesses find the support to be successful? Many aspiring business owners have great ideas or valuable services our communities need, but growth is essential to their sustainability. Plus, the backbone of any successful operation is proper financing.

With any business plan, the first step starts with funding. Due to a variety of reasons, obtaining small business loans can pose challenges for those starting out. When traditional banks and credit unions cannot extend financial support, it doesn't mean the dream has to stop. The Iowa Center stands ready with solutions for aspiring business owners to find the financial backing they need. As a community development financial institution (CDFI) with a primary mission to serve low-income communities, The Iowa Center plays a pivotal role.

At Bank Iowa, we have witnessed the positive impact of our contributions to The Iowa Center during our visits with the three companies that received support from our CDFI contribution.  We envision a future where other financial institutions recognize the value of places like The Iowa Center and actively participate in fostering growth and vibrancy within our Iowa communities by contributing to the CDFI program.

Join us as Megan Milligan from The Iowa Center for Economic Success and Josh Fleming from Bank Iowa sit down with Justin Brady from the Iowa Podcast to discuss the tools available to Iowans looking to make it happen for their small business. 



Check this out and find out more on how to connect or invest in the Iowa Center.