Let’s make it happen

We know there are many big and small needs in our communities going unmet with all the setbacks and uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus and we want to help!

Here’s the problem: Bank Iowa needs your help to find them. We need more eyes and ears in the community to tell us how we can make things better and less stressful for our fellow neighbors, organizations and businesses. We’re looking for ways to help the most people at once:

  • Maybe the elementary school wants help sponsoring or handing out lunches.
  • Maybe a nursing home needs donations to create a video call space for residents to stay in touch with families.
  • Maybe a local small business could use some gift card sales to keep them afloat.

…You get it!

So, what can we do to lend a helping hand that will have the biggest impact? Submit an idea below and maybe, just maybe we can work our magic (through a little volunteer work and sponsorship) to make it happen together!

Helping hand nomination form

The application process for the Helping Hand program has ended. Organizations receiving support will be notified shortly.