Learn about our "why" - and how it drives all that we do

At Bank Iowa, we know that for our team members to be engaged, they need to understand how their career connects to our company’s purpose. That’s why a group of Bank Iowa team members came together to start the journey of articulating our purpose statement. We intentionally chose the word “purpose” over “mission,” because of the longevity of the word purpose; it is a never-ending goal.

As we embarked down the road to capture who we are and where we’re headed, we wanted to make sure we didn’t forget where we came from. Bank Iowa’s roots date back to the entrepreneurial ambitions of our family owners over half a century ago when they decided to take a leap of faith into the banking industry. With that in mind, we were determined to have our purpose, vision and value statements reflect our history.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower people, inspire success and foster growth. This is our “why” behind all that we do and our compass to guide our decision-making. At Bank Iowa, this purpose transcends across all of the people we serve; our clients, our team members and our communities.

Our Vision

Much like our purpose statement, Our Vision is something we will also be striving towards.

With an ongoing commitment to community banking, Bank Iowa aspires to be:

  • The bank of choice for our clients
  • The career of choice for our team members
  • A center of influence in our communities
  • A point of pride for our family owners

Our Values

These four values allow us to fulfill our purpose and focus on making our vision a reality. All the while describing the daily actions we take to execute on both.

  • Be people-centered.
  • Bring your best.
  • Enable great things.
  • Think big.     

We know our team members hold the power to shape our culture and the futures of the clients and communities we serve. Our team and our families are the fabric of the communities we call home.

We are Bank Iowa. Our purpose is to empower people, inspire success and foster growth.

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