We believe in a mutually beneficial relationship

We are an ever-growing, high-performing and efficient community bank that looks out for our own. Our bank family consists of employees, customers, the communities we serve and our shareholders.

Our Team

From our bank leadership to our bank tellers and everyone in between — Bank Iowa strives to create a friendly environment filled with a focus on collaboration. We care what every employee has to say no matter the subject. Your ideas matter here.

Our Customers

We count on our Bank Iowa team members to give every customer the respect and attention they need throughout their financial journey. Our customers’ banking experiences matter — we’re always looking for ways to improve the process. Our employees listen to your concerns and work to find the products and solutions you need. Every new account, transaction and conversation matters.

Our Communities

Bank Iowa has grown to 22 locations across the state of Iowa and our team members are fully invested in the well-being of the communities they reside in. From the local school sporting events to the town beautification projects — our team is there in every aspect.

Our Shareholders

We’re looking out for our shareholders interest when it comes to our financial investments, products and the quality of our customer service. We keep you informed and present in our minds when it comes to new initiatives and ideas.