We make it happen.


Everyone has a passion project, a reason to get up in the morning, an item to cross off their bucket list. At Bank Iowa, we call it…it. Everyday, people just like you come to Bank Iowa and ask us to help them with their it. We hear it all:

  • I want to own my own business but I don’t know where to start.
  • Can we afford to buy our first house?
  • We have to raise $500 for our baseball team if we’re going to compete.
  • Our community needs a new hospital wing.
  • Dad can’t run the farm anymore and I’m not sure I understand the financials to take it over.
  • I want to climb Mt. Everest with my business partners — can you help?


And to that, we say, “Let’s make it happen.”


It’s one thing for a community bank to say they’re dedicated to the local community — its quite another to prove it. If granting a blue-sky loan can help grow, enhance or sustain the areas in which we work and live, not only is it being a good neighbor — it’s practicing common sense.