Bank Iowa Regional President Scott Brus Announces Retirement

By | Bank Iowa June 25, 2020

Scott Brus Retirement Bank Iowa Regional President Scott Brus Announces Retirement


Bank Iowa Denison’s regional president, Scott Brus, today announced his retirement from the bank, effective July 3, 2020. Brus has served the Denison region for 35 years.


“The entire company will miss Scott, but we are very happy for him and wish him a long and healthy retirement,” said Jim Plagge, Bank Iowa’s president and CEO, “He has created a strong foundation for the bank, leaving the Denison team in good hands to continue serving the community well.”


Brus started with Bank Iowa in 1985. Before being promoted to regional president, he
served as a loan offcer and vice president. Brus helped the Denison region grow nearly ten-fold
from $20 million in total assets.


“After 35 years, it’s time for me to enjoy time with family and friends, including those who I met through Bank Iowa,” said Brus. “It has been an honor to serve along with my team members making our clients and family owners successful.  I know this will continue to be successful after I leave.”

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